Penny Stock Trader Testimonials

“After being in the markets for 12 years, I can see how valuable your knowledge, info and trading style is…just seems like a winning combination.  Thanks for sharing it with us all.  Your work is greatly appreciated,”
Jay – Salt Lake City, Utah

“I have done well with several of your trades and appreciate your assistance,” 
Les – Seattle, Washington

“I like your work…Your style of trading appears to really work in this choppy market and I agree that four or so good trades a month will make a big difference in my portfolio,”
Bob – Aiken, South Carolina

“Your newsletter is helping me greatly and vastly improving my success rate,”
Jason – Bristol, UK

“I like the way you think and follow your reasoning easily.  I eagerly await your every email!”
David – Langeloth, PA

“Your service, number of trades, etc. are a good fit for me. I appreciate the quality of trades and the excellent customer service I have recieved,”
Bob — Plymouth, MI

 “Your approach is excellent and offers great guidance in this choppy
market.” LeeAnn — Dunwoody, GA

“I like your newsletter. It comes with current education on the market and stocks, complete with emailed alerts on buy and sell short triggers as well as when you close the positions.  This helps me a lot in the thought process and education,” Craig — San Francisco, CA

“I love your newsletters.  I feel I have been learning more from you about the market than anyone.  I love your charts and the way you explain what is going on in the stock and what is expected. I trust you more than CNBC,” Teresa — Morristown, TN

“I would like to thank you for helping us keep calm during these difficult times. It’s easy to panic, but since you started helping me, I have stopped panicking, even when things go wrong. It’s been quite a transformation in my mental state, and it’s all thanks to you,” Theresa — Woodville, OH

“You have a good service and I’ve learned a lot from you,” Brian — Winston Salem, NC

“I really love the detail of your newsletters.  I really appreciate the timely alerts and detailed explanations that you offer,” Bob — San Diego, CA

“I’m very impressed with your service,” Ed — East Palestine, OH

“I love your service and I am recommending it to my relatives/friends,” Sarbjit — Richmond, British Columbia

“I just wanted to say how great your newsletters are. I love how you combine so many aspects of technical analysis (support, resistance, stochastics, POH, Fib retracements and Elliot wave) to make it so clear when to get long and when to get short. The best part is how I have started to make money by following your recommendations.  Keep up the great work,” Steve — New Haven, CT

“I’m very happy with your newsletter and great customer service,”  Mike — Fort Wayne, IN

“I believe your service is one of the best out there,” Joao — Lisbon, Portugal

“I like your service very much because you have a system that you stick with. I have made money on many of your picks. I have recommended it to quite a few people,” Dennis — Hollywood, FL

“Thank you for your service.  Since I’ve subscribed, my portfolio is up 44%,” Manish — San Jose, CA

“I’ve found your service to be the best!  I’m looking forward to continued trading success and really appreciate everything you do for the small investors out there,” Lloyd — Ladera Ranch, CA

“I love your analysis…You’ve really called the market with the technicals. Nicely done,” Jim — Denver, CO

“Your service is terrific. I really like the way you explain the reasons for your stock picks,” David — Bradley Beach, NJ

“I made my first $500 dollars with WYNN – you obviously made a great call both ways (Buy & Sell) — thank you. It certainly inspires confidence that’s for sure.  We love your services and thanks for everything that you do,” Todd — Morgan Hill, CA

“Thanks!!! I got my $500 for the week.  Love the plan, keep them coming!” David — Germantown, WI

“I think your service is the most realistic and the best,” John — Van Nuys, CA

“You have an outstanding service and I’m a huge fan,” Jim — Denver, CO

“All in all, a super trade.  Thanks.  I don’t know how you come up with the ideas, but keep them coming,” John — Schaumburg, IL

“Your report rocks,” Adam — Florida

“Thank you for the excellent support,” Barry — Chandler, AZ

“Thanks very much for RINO and CRM!  I made 130% on RINO and 30% on CRM,” Jasper — South Africa

“WOW! I’m enjoying the ride. Thanks.  I owe you a beer for that one!” Vincenzo — San Francisco, CA

“You guys are doing an awesome job.  Your newsletter has given me the courage to hold positions over night and have a life.  My wife has a husband again. Thanks for putting in the amount of effort on your emails,” Rob — Dover, NH

“I really like what you are doing.  Your teaching style is great, very clear and supportive.  I’m learning a lot, your guidance seems on target to me.  I plan to stay for the long-term,” Thomas — Alameda, CA